Let me briefly introduce myself:

I am an Economics PhD student and a university tutor (see my teaching) based at the Australian National University. My chair supervisor is John Stachurski, and my supervision panel includes Fedor Iskhakov and Timothy Kam. Also I am a researcher at QuantEcon, collaborating closely with John Stachurski, Tom Sargent, Matthew Mckay, Jingni Yang, Aakash Gupta, Oyama Daisuke, Humphrey Yang, Smit Lunagariya and many others on various exciting projects (see my featured quantecon projects). Additionally, I am a table tennis player and coach, accredited by Table Tennis Australia.

Deeply influenced by my paternal grandfather earlier and then my supervisors, on the one hand, I love mathematics, economics and computer science (see my research). On the other hand, I enjoy writing, reading history, doing sports, cooking and visiting nature, as well as fine art (see my miscellaneousness).

Research interests#

Computational and network economics


  • Heterogeneous-agent models

  • Heavy tails and their generating mechanisms

  • Inequality and distributional dynamics of wealth income and consumption